The Green Mile
written by Frank Darabont, from the novel by Stephen King

Burt: Tell you something. You listen close, too, because it might be something you need to know.
Paul: I'm listening.
Burt: We had us a dog. No particular breed, but gentle. Ready to lick your hand or fetch a stick. Just a sweet mongrel, you know the kind. In many way, a good mongrel dog is like your negro. You get to know it, and often you get to love it. It is of no particular use, but you keep it around because you think it loves you. If you're lucky, Mr. Edgecomb, you never have to find out any different. My wife and I were not so lucky. Caleb? Come here for a second. (the son hesistates, ashamed) Please, son. (we see his son has a horrible scar on one side of his face) He has the one eye. I suppose he's lucky not to be blind. We get down on our knees and thank God for that much at least. Right Caleb? Okay, go on in now. That dog attacked my boy for no reason. Just got it into his mind one day. Same with John Coffey. He was sorry afterwards, of that I have no doubt. But those little girls stayed raped and murdered nonetheless. Maybe he's never done it before--my dog never bit before, but I didn't concern myself with that. I went out there with my rifle and grabbed his collar and blew his brains out.
Paul: I'm sorry for your trouble.
Burt: I'm as enlightened as the next man, Mr. Edgecomb. I would not bring back slavery for all the tea in China. I believe we have to be humane and generous in our efforts to solve the race problem. But we have to remember that the negro will bite if he gets the chance, just like a mongrel dog will bite if it crosses its mind to do so. Is Coffey guilty? Yes, he is. Don't you doubt it, and don't you turn your back on him. You might get away with it once or even a hundred times. But in the end, you'll get bit.

Kudos and much thanks go to Neil for this monologue, it is very much appreciated. This monologue was taken directly from the film's screenplay, so there may be differences between this and the final product you see; be advised.

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