21 Grams
written by Guillermo Arriaga

Paul: Good morning.
(He lights a cigarette.)
Cristina: Why did you look for me?
Paul: Because I needed to.
Cristina: I don't want your fucking pity.
Paul: That wasn't it. ... ... I was sick, Cristina. Very sick. I was dying when Michael gave me his heart. He saved my life. ... I tried in every way that I knew how to find out who had given me this heart. And that's how I found out how he and your daughters had died. And it's very painful for me to know how I got this heart. And I couldn't sleep. I just--I wanted to thank you. I wanted to help in some way. I just want to thank you for-- (sighs) But I couldn't find you. And then I saw you... that day. And now I can't be away from you. I can't. (drags on the cigarette (for the first time since lighting it) and throws it away) You don't have to be afraid. I've got a good heart.
(Cristina sobs and he puts her hand on his heart. She buries her face against his chest, crying.)
Paul: I'm scared too.
(Slowly, they kiss.)

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