To Gillian, at her 37th Birthday
written by David E. Kelley, from a play by Michael Brady

Rachel: I think I should go with them, daddy. I can't, I'm sorry. I see you go out there and talk to her at night, and I know you want to make her alive, but she's not alive [shakes head] and I'm sure that you never meant for me to know that you tried to kill yourself. She didn't tell me, she didn't have to. But everytime you go to that beach she's--[stops]
David: [whispering] I can't stop. I'm sorry, honey, but I can't.
Rachel: You'll always be my father, but I have to go. [takes a deep breath] I have to let my mother be dead.

Rachel: [In a drunken haze] Daddy... oh... and then what? Are you come up there and talk to me? Or are you gonna go out there and talk to her? [to Esther (Kathy Baker)] Did you know he talks to my mother? Eeevery night he goes out there and he has conversations! My mother appears and he swims with her... and they probably even kiss. You were out there again tonight, weren't you daddy? You were out in the water with mommy! [firm] Weren't you?

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