Get Real
written by Patrick Wilde (from his play, "What's wrong with Angry?)

Steven: (pause) I'm.. I'm very proud, I'm very grateful to have won for the school. But I... I feel a bit of a fraud. You see I wrote about growing up as how I imagined it must be for most of you but... there was another article which was to have been included in the school magazine. It was censored because it was about a young guy who just happened to be gay. (pause and breath) I... I wrote that article. I wish you could have read it so you could understand. (pause and whispering) Oh god this is so hard. (pause and breath) I'm sick of feeling totally alone, I want to have friends who like me for what I am, I want to be part of a family who loves me for who I am, not someone I pretend to be to keep their love. (pause) I'm sick of hiding, of being sad and scared. Have you got any idea? There must be more of you who feel like this, like I do. Why not just speak out? Thanks for proving my point. Well... I'm gay. Sorry mum, dad but you can bet your life your not the only parents out there with a gay son. It's only love, what's everyone so scared of? Thanks for listening.

Kudos and much thanks go to Jon for this monologue , it is very much appreciated. Jon also included this note: WATCH the movie if you're thinking about performing this piece.. it helps immensely.

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