A Few Good Men
written by Aaron Sorkin

Colonel Nathan Jessup: Take caution in your tone, comander. I'm a fair guy but this fucking heat is making me absolutely crazy. You wanna ask me about code reds? On the record, I tell you I discourage the practice in acordance with the Commanders directives; off the record, I tell you it`s an invaluable part of close infantry training. And if it happens to go on without my knowledge, so be it. I run my unit how I run my unit. You wanna investigate me? Roll the dice and take your chances. I eat breakfast 300 yards from 4,000 Cubans that are trained to kill me, so don`t think for one second that you can come down here, flash your badge and make me nervous.

Kudos and much thanks go to Julie for this monologue, it is very much appreciated. I thought it necessary that Julie mentioned, "I hope it is correct, 'cause I wrote it by memory."

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