In the Name of the Father
written by Terry George & Jim Sheridan, from book by Gerry Conlon

Gareth Peirce: Will you read this statement that you took from him on the 3rd of November, 1974? A statement, my Lord, that vindicates all of these people, all of these innocent people. Someone ordered that these people be used as scapegoats by a nation that was begging for blood. In return for the innocent blood spilled on the streets of London. [ turning to Mr Dixon very angrily] And by God you got your blood Mr Dixon! You got the blood of Giuseppe Conlon, you got the life blood of Carol Richardson, and you've got 15 years of blood, sweat, and pain for my client and his only crime was being Irish, and being in the wrong place at the wrong time.
And one of your colleagues, My Lord, who sat where you're sitting now, said and I quote, "It was a pity that you were not charged with treason to the crown. A charge that carries a penalty of death by hanging. A sentence I would have had no trouble in passing in this case." My Lord, this brings the entire English legal system into disrepute. My Lord, this alibi for Gerry Conlon was taken by Mr. Dixon one month after Gerry Conlon was arrested. This note was attatched to it when I found it in police files. [ Holds up note] It reads, "not to be shown to the defense." [ Turning back to Mr. Dixon] I have one question for you Mr. Dixon.
Why was the alibi for Gerry Conlon, who was charged wih the murder of five innocent people, kept from the defense?

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