written by Alexander Payne & Jim Taylor, from the novel by Tom Perotta

Tracy Flick: (voice-over) Dear Lord Jesus, I do not often speak with you and ask for things. But now I really must insist that you help me win the election tomorrow because I deserve it and Paul Metzler doesn't -- as you well know. I realize that it was your divine hand that disqualfied Tammy Metzler and now I'm asking that you go that one last mile and make sure to put me in office where I belong so that may carry out your will on Earth as it is in heaven. Amen.

Tammy: (voice-over) Dear God. I know I don't believe in you but since I'll be starting Catholic school soon, I thought I should at least practice. Let's see, what do I want? I want Lisa to realize what a bitch she is and feel really bad and apologize for how she hurt me -- and know how much I still love her. In spite of everything, I still want Paul to win the election tomorrow, not that cunt Tracy. Oh, and I also want a really expensive pair of leather pants, and someday I want to be really good friends with Madonna. Love, Tammy.

Paul: (voice-over) Dear God, thank you for all your blessings. You've given me so many things, like good health, nice parents, a nice truck, and what I'm told is a large penis and I'm very grateful. But I sure am worried about Tammy. In my heart, I still can't believe she torn down my posters but sometimes she does get so weird and angry. Please help her be a happier person because she's so smart and sensitive and I love her so much. Also, I'm nervous about the election tomorrow and I guess I want and win and all but I know that's totally up to you. You'll decide who the best person is and I'll accept it, and forgive me for my sins whatever they may be. Amen.

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