written by Alexander Payne & Jim Taylor, from the novel by Tom Perotta

(One Year Later)
Paul: (voice-over) Senior year was great. Sure, I didn't get to play ball or be president but I got elected Homecoming King and Prom King. I got into Nebraska, like I wanted and early rushed Phil Delts. And at the end of the year, me and my buddies threw a bitchin' Mexican party down at the cement plant. Shit, that was a good party! The only really bad thing about senior year was Lisa. Right before Christmas she dumped me. One minute she's totally in love with me, and then boom, she goes after my football buddy Randy. Sometimes I wonder what would have happened if I had actually won the election. Maybe my whole life would be different. Like I might never have gone to Yosemite with Greg and Travis (Paul turns and speaks to directly the camera) Or maybe I'd be dead.

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