written by Melissa Mathison

Elliot: Coke. You see, we drink it. It's a, it's a drink. You know, food. These are toys, these are little men. (showing him Star Wars action figures) This is Greedo, and then this is Hammerhead, see this is Walrus Man, and this is Snaggletooth and this is Lando Calrissian See...and look, they can even have wars. Look at this. (He play-acts with two characters who both shoot and kill each other, making appropriate noises) Look fish. Fish eat the fish food, and the shark (a toy) eats the fish, and nobody eats the shark. See, this is PEZ, candy. See you eat it. You put the candy in here and then when you lift up the head, the candy comes out and you can eat it. You want some? This is a peanut. You eat it, but you can't eat this one, 'cause this is fake. This is money. You see. You put the money in the peanut. You see? It's a bank. See? And then, this is a car. This is what we get around in. You see? Car. (E.T. takes the car and child-like puts it in his mouth to eat it.) Hey, hey wait a second. No. You don't eat 'em. Are you hungry? I'm hungry. Stay. Stay. I'll be right here. Okay? I'll be right here.

And just for fun...one of the saddest moments in film history

(Michael's friends, Mary, Keys, Michael and Gertie watch as Elliott bids his friend goodbye.)
E.T.: Come.
Elliott: Stay.
(E.T. touches his heart--which fills his entire chest)
E.T.: Ouch.
(Elliott repeats the gesture):
Elliott: Ouch...
(They embrace.)
E.T. touches his finger lightly to Elliott's forehead...his fingertip glows)
E.T.: I'll be right here.

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