Drugstore Cowboy
written by Gus Van Sant & Daniel Yost, based on the novel by James Fogle

(knock at the door)
Bob: Who is it?
(no answer.)
Bob: Who is it?
(Bob goes to get the door, and Diane walks in.)
Bob: Hey.
Diane: Jesus. What kind of a dump is this? And where's the female? You might as well trot her out.
Bob: You donít ever change do you Diane?
Diane: Goddamn right I don't. Why should I?!
Bob: Hey. I was just commenting on how good you look.
Diane: Yeah?
Bob: Yeah.
Diane: Yeah. I'll bet.
Bob: Hey. How about a cup of tea?
Diane: Yeah.
Bob: Yeah?
(Bob goes to make the tea. The water is boiling at the stove.) Diane: So how's that methadone thing working out for ya?
Bob: So-so. But hey. I got a job. Did I tell you that?
Diane: No shit. Where're you workin'?
Bob: Oh. Just some machine shop over on Western.
Diane: Yeah? Well, what do you do there?
Bob: I, uh, drill holes.
Diane: (laughs) Drill holes?
Bob: (laughs) I, I drill these holes that--uh--bolts fit into.
Diane: Oh yeah? How do you like it?
Bob: Well, I'll tell you the truth. It's kind of a drag. Pays the rent.
Diane: Then you're really serious. You're going to go on with this thing.
Bob: Yeah. Hey, Diane. Why don't you take your coat off and stay awhile, huh?
Diane: I can't Bob. I got people waitin' for me out in the car. I just came up to see how you's doin'.
(Diane opens her purse to get a stash for Bob. She stands and hands it to him.) Diane: Here. That's from Rick and the rest of us. Kinda thought you might need a taste once in a while.
(She sits.)
Diane: What happened? What made you turn around that day? Was it me? Did I do something wrong?
Bob: No baby. It wasnít you. It was Nadine's death and that hex she threw on us with that hat. And then I panicked when I looked out into that parking lot and saw all those cop cars. Hell. I knew I was dead, so I started coppin' deuces. I prayed like I never prayed before. I said, "God, son, devil -- whoever you are up there -- please have pity on me. Please let me get this poor girl's body out of this hotel room and into the ground. So I donít have to spend the rest of my life in prison. And God, if youíll do that for me -- I'll show you my appreciation by going home, gettin' on the methadone program, gettin' a job and livin' a virtuous life. Well, I got out. And I promised. So. Here I am.
Diane: Are you going to stick with it forever?
Bob: Well. You know Diane. For all the boredom the straight life brings, it's not all that bad. I mean. Even this crummy little room ain't so bad. I mean, I actually wake up some mornings and I feel like, "somethin' good's gonna happen today.' You know? I'm a regular guy. I got my regular job. I got my regular room. And now I got you.
Diane: You're crazy Bob. You're really crazy.
Bob: Hey. Diane. Why donít you go downstairs, tell your friends that you're gonna spend the night, come back, bed down with me for a while.
Diane: I'd like to Bob, but I got another old man now. I'm Rick's old lady now. Ain't that a gas? I work for Rick. There we were teachin that brat to steal and now I'm on his crew. Things sure can get screwed around, can't they?
Bob: Yeah.
Diane: And Bob. You know me. I might've been a lot of things, but I never was a tramp.
(Bob kisses her. They hug. Bob attempts to kiss with Diane more deeply. She lets him for a second, but then pushes him away.)
Diane: Bob. I gotta go.
(Diane goes to the door to leave.)
Bob: Hey Diane?
(Diane turns around.)
Bob: It was really good to see you. You look really good. ... I wish I could win you back.
(Diane smiles in acknowledgment, and leaves.)

Credit and many thanks to Lori for this monologue, it is very much appreciated.

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