Reservoir Dogs
written by Quentin Tarantino

Mr. White: I told him my first name and where I was from.
Mr. Pink: Why?
Mr. White: I told him where I was from a few days ago, it was just normal conversation.
Mr. Pink: Why are you telling him your name when you're not supposed to?
Mr. White: He asked! We had just gotten away from the cops, he just got shot. It was my fault he got shot. He's a fuckin bloody mess. He's screamin'. I swear to God I thought he was gonna die right then and there. I'm trying to comfort him, telling him not to worry, everything's gonna be okay, I'm going to take care of him. And he asked me what my name was. I mean, the man was dying in my arms what the fuck was I supposed to do? Tell him I'm sorry? I can't give out that fucking information! I don't trust you enough! Or maybe I should've but couldn't! And fuck you and fuck Joe!

Kudos and much thanks go to Ryan for this monologue, it is very much appreciated.

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