Divorcing Jack
written by Colin Bateman

Dan Starky: Individuals? It's individuals going out to vote for you! Individuals giving up their heritage to put you into par. Indi- fuckin -viduals!!! I'm an individual! You're an individual! Dudes goin' on roundabouts are fuckin' individuals. You're both the same. We're going straight back to the Civil War here, 'cause you two don't give a flyin' fuck about indi-
Pat Keegan: Dividuals! We get the picture Starky! Now shut up.
Dan Starky: NO! Bleed me! You're just going to kill me anyway, aye? The problem with you two, it's all numbers. One thousand pounds, ten thousand dead, THIRTEEN SKELETONS! And it's easy! Because numbers aren't people. Numbers don't think for themselves!! They don't...go out for a pint at the lodge, they don' throw potatoes through people's windows, and they don't kiss you the best fuckin' kiss in the world goodnight!

Kudos and much thanks go to "Caity" for this monologue, it is very much appreciated.

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