The Devil's Own
written by Kevin Jarre, David Aaron Cohen & Vincent Patrick

Rory: Let me ask you, what if, what if tonight everything you had was burned down around you? What if you and yours were down on the street and you were spat on? Told you were nothin' you're no good? What if it was one of yours gunned down by blasted bullet? One of yours you had to bury? Would you just sit back and say, "Oh well. Remember Annie, she was such a sweet one, God Bless her." And you try to make some kind of sense of it, you fuckin' try. And you look around at all the people and you realize, you're dealing with a government that's failed everyone, all sides. We're normal people in an abnormal situation fighting a disgusting ugly war that you can't understand because you haven't lived it. I'm sorry it's gone badly between us. You're a good man, but understand, I have to go.

Kudos and much thanks go to Roshan for this monologue, it is very much appreciated. Thanks to Eddie for a small but sweet correction.

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