Crimes of the Heart
written by Beth Henley

(Meg is heard singing a loud happy song. she suddenly enters through the dining room door. she is exuberant! her hair is a mess, and the heel of one shoe has broken off. she is laughing radiantly and limping as she sings into the broken heel.)
Meg: Good morning! Good morning! Oh, it's a wonderful morning! I tell you, I am surprised I feel this good. I should feel like hell. By all accounts, I should feel like utter hell! Oh, I know, you're mad at me 'cause I stayed out all night long. Well, I did. Oh, Lenny, listen to me, now; everything's all right with Doc. I mean, nothing happened. Well, actually a lot did happen, but it didn't come to anything. Not because of me, I'm afraid. I mean, I was out there thinking, What will I say when he begs me to run away with him? Will I have pit on his wife and those two half-Yankee children? I mean, can I sacrifice their happiness for mine? YES! Oh, yes! Yes, I can! But...he didn't ask me. He didn't even want to ask me. I could tell by this certain look in his eyes that he didn't even want to ask me. Why aren't I miserable! Why aren't I morbid! I should be humiliated! Devastated! Maybe these feelings are coming - I don't know. But for now it was......just such fun. I'm happy. I realized I could care about someone. I could want someone. And I sang! I sang all night long! I sang right up into the trees! But not for Old Granddaddy. None of it was to please old Granddaddy! Oh, I know; I know. I told him all those stupid lies. Well, I'm gonna go right over there this morning and tell him the truth. I mean every horrible thing. I don't care if he wants to hear it or not. He's just gonna have to take me like I am. And if he can't take it, if it sends him into a coma, that's just too damn bad. What's so funny? He's in a coma! That's not funny!

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