Goodbye Mr. Chips
written by RC Sherriff, Claudine West, & Eric Maschwitz, from the novel by James Hilton

Chips: I've seen a good many changes at Brookfield. I remember so much. I sometimes think I ought to write a book. What should I call it? Memories of Rod and Lines? I may write it one day. I may forget some things but I never forget your faces. If you come and see me in the years to come, as I hope you will, you may see me hesitate. And you'll say to yourself, 'oh the old boy doesn't remember me,' but I do remember you, as you are now. That's the point. In my mind, you remain boys, just as you are this evening...Although I am resigning, I shall still be near the school. I shall live at Mrs. Wickett's house just opposite Main Arch. Well, remember me sometimes. I shall always remember you.

(Chips on his deathbed: the finale of the film)
Doctor: Poor old chap. He must have had a lonely life all by himself.
Headmaster: Not always by himself. He married, you know.
Doctor: Did he? I never knew about that.
Headmaster: She died, a long while ago.
Doctor: Pity. Pity he never had any children.
Chips: What, what was that you were saying about me?
Headmaster: Nothing at all old man. Nothing at all. We were just wondering when you were going to wake up out of that beauty sleep of yours.
Chips: I heard you. You were talking about me.
Headmaster: Nothing of consequence, old man. I give you my word.
Chips: I thought I heard you say 'twas a pity, a pity I never had children. But you're wrong...I have...thousands of them...thousands of them...and all boys!
(Chips passes away, and the film ends with a montage of boys from Brookfield giving their names at roll call. The last one, Peter Colley, speaks directly to the camera for the last line of the movie: "goodbye Mr. Chips...goodbye...")

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