Center Stage
written by Carol Heikkinen

Jody: Wait. For ten years, all I've wanted was to be one of American Ballet Company's perfect ballerinas. I've wanted to be you Juliette. But I'm not you, and I'm not perfect, I'm just me, (nervous giggle) bad feet and all. And, I'm staring to think I like that even better. (Jonathan leans forward to speak, Jodi cuts him off) No. Please don't. Because if you're not going to offer me a place in the company, then I don't want to hear it...and if you are...I might not have the strength to say no -- and then I'd be spending my best dancing years in the back of a corps waving a rose back and forth (deep breath) and I'm better then that. So...thank you, Jonathan for making me the best dancer I could be. I appreciate it more then I can say, really. Because the best dancer i can be is a principal in Cooper Nielson's new company.

Kudos and much thanks go to Emily & Higgins both for this monologue (they each submitted it on the same morning), it is very much appreciated.

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