from the TV series created by Jeremy Brock & Paul Unwin

(Seemingly hard-hearted Dr Ruth Winters (Georgia Taylor) describes her reasons for commiting suicide, even though her attempt eventually fails.)
Ruth: I would expect a suicide note to be heartfelt and dramatic. Not this one though - wouldn't be very much in keeping with me, would it? I think someone may have forgotten to fit me with a heart. I can't even think of anything worth writing. I am summed up by three piece of paper: a birthday card from a father who never loved me; a Christmas card from a man who I foolishly thought did; and a visiting order from my brother - my family have to order me to visit them, and still I don't. What a hate-filled person I am. It's not much of a legacy, is it? Maybe I can go down in history as author of the dullest suicide note ever. I tried to be a good doctor really I did. But it was too hard. It beat me, and I'm so ashamed. I never wanted anything else out of life. So there is no life. I am so sorry to the patients I caused suffering - to their families, my sincerest apologies. I don't belong here.

Credit and many thanks to Roseh for this monologue, it is very much appreciated.

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