Caption 54
written by by Ally

Love has no eyes, and sees no circumstance. So sometimes, the closest people in your life, are also your worst enemies. Its funny the way it you fall in love I mean. You meet and talk, share a first kiss, hugs, sighs, stares, thoughts of forever....But the thought of getting hurt never once enters your mind. We were together for almost a year and a half. He was the perfect boyfriend. Or so I thought. There was just one major set back. I mean, how can you be in love with someone and know they don't love you back. "Well, if your asking me do I want to spend the rest of my life with you, the answer is no!!" I guess when your with someone for so long, you never expect them to act heartless. I gave him everything...despite the fact we had a love-hate relationship. I gave him the benefit of the doubt. I was disappointed. What did he do with my buttons?? gifts? Nothing. He took them. He lied to them. He tied them to an old shirt that had plenty of other buttons from other women who had given them to him too. But he didn't use them. And when he did, it was because he wanted something. A body. I let him look at the body only my eyes had seen. I let him hold my being in the palm of his hands. I gave him my buttons!! My pain and my tears and my laughter and my smiles! My buttons!! But what did it bring me? Pain...that belonged to others before mine. Heartache that belonged to him number one girl the first time he hurt her too! But this isn't the first time her hurt me. And I wish it could be the last! But I need him to look at the body only my eyes had seen and I need him to hold my being in the palm of his hands. Because no one else will...or could, the way he does...

Kudos and much thanks go Ally to for this monologue , it is very much appreciated.

NOTE TO READERS: this monologue is called "Caption 54" because it captures a moment in life that people go through. Giving a title to a reality based piece of work would have been pointless. Therefore, you have just read Caption 54. Thank You.

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