written by Zachary Long & Roger Pullis, from the book by Jim Schutze

(Marty (Brad Renfro) and Lisa (Rachel Miner) have just finished having sex, and are lying together, naked, smoking pot)
Marty: First time I ever smoked weed, I was in, like, the eighth grade...and I knew a lot of the other kids who had been doing it and shit, but I was always afraid to, 'cause I was raised, like, strict Catholic. I was taught that the worst thing you could do in life would be to make your mother cry. She always told me if she caught me messing with dope it would kill her. But Bobby -- he was always bugging me about it, y'know? It was so fucking important to him. It was like, if he did it, I had to do it. So one day (takes a drag)...we were at the bus stop, waiting for the bus, and I smoked some with Bobby. Ah, and he told me the shit was, like, weak. That, like, I'd barely even feel it. He must have fuckin' dusted that shit or something, man, 'cause the whole fuckin' world warped around me, man. I had no idea how to handle it. Like, the only thing I could think to do was, like, run. I take off, Bobby's running behind me, laughing like crazy. And I get home and I get in my bed and I, like, pull the cover over my head. Like, bury myself under a pillow. I was so fuckin' scared. Bobby yanks the covers off of me. You know what I did? You know what I did? I fuckin' pissed all over myself.
(Marty laughs suddenly and just as suddenly, becomes sullen. Lisa sees how utterly terrified her boyfriend is.)
Lisa: I love you Marty. I love you so much I can't even believe how much I love you. And I would do anything for you.

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