Buffalo '66
written by Vincent Gallo

Billy: Hello, Ma? It's me. It's Billy. Billy. Billy, your son! Turn down the TV, Ma. Turn down the television! It's Billy. I told you we were gonna be in town for one day, right? Well, we're in town. We just flew in. We're at the fancy hotel, Ma. I told you we were staying downtown. Yes. The big hotel. Right. Yeah, I have a big room. Yes, it's beautiful here. Yes, it's clean, Ma. It's a very expensive hotel, okay? No, don't come here, Ma. Don't come here. I told you I wanna go there. I wanna see the old neighborhood. I wanna come now. What time is the game over, Ma? Fine. I'll come at 5:00. No, Ma. She's not coming. She's sick. I don't know, Ma. People get sick. I don't know why she's sick. She's sick. Every time we fly on planes, she gets sick. I don't know why. She doesn't like flying. Plus, we sit in first class. They bring you a lot of food, and she always gets stomach cramps. I don't know. I ca... She's sleeping, Ma. I'm in the lobby of the hotel. She's sleeping upstairs. I'm not gonna wake her up. Did you hear what I said? Did you hear what I said? What did I say? What did I say? She's sick! Fine, Ma. You want me to wake her up? You want me to go upstairs and wake her up? You know, you're unbelievable. Then how you gonna feel when she comes over sick? How you gonna feel then, when you see how sick she is? No, I'm gonna bring her. I'm gonna drag her outta bed, and I'm gonna bring her. So you can see her. Fine. We're coming over. We're coming over. I said I'm bringing her. Yes. Fine. Okay? Good-bye.

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