Back to the Future
written by Robert Zemeckis & Bob Gale

Doc Brown: Let me show you how it works. First, you turn the time circuits on. This readout tells you where you're going, this one tells you where you are, this one tells you where you were. You input the destination time on this keypad. Say, you wanna see the signing of the declaration of independence, or witness the birth or Christ. Here's a red-letter date in the history of science, November 5, 1955. Yes, of course, November 5, 1955...That was the day I invented time travel. I remember it vividly. I was standing on the edge of my toilet hanging a clock, the porcelain was wet, I slipped, hit my head on the edge of the sink. And when I came to I had a revelation, a VISION, a picture in my head, a picture of this. This is what makes time travel possible. The flux capacitor...It's taken me almost thirty years and my entire family fortune to realize the vision of that day, my god has it been that long. Things have certainly changed around here. I remember when this was all farmland as far as the eye could see. Old man Peabody, owned all of this. He had this crazy idea about breeding pine trees. (gets weird faraway look in his eyes and shakes it away)

Kudos and much thanks go to "Face" for the donation of this monologue, it is very much appreciated. Also: for you die-hard BTTF fans out there, an interesting bit of trivia: the farmer is named Peabody, right? WHICH IS the same name as the time-traveling dog from the Rocky & Bullwinkle cartoon. Coincidence? I think not.

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