Boys & Girls
written by Andrew Lowery & Andrew Miller

Ryan (Freddie Prinze Jr.): What?
Jennifer (Claire Forlani): What? This. This, what is this?
Ryan: I don't know! Nothing's going on.
Jennifer: Really? Because I just ran into Megan and she told me that you broke up with her. Is that what this is about? Because I thought I told you not to tell her anything.
Ryan: Yeah, I know.
Jennifer: Well, are you upset?
Ryan: No!
Jennifer: So what's going on?
Ryan: I don't know! Things are different.
Jennifer: But I thought we talked about that. Ryan, I thought that we said that we didn't want anything to be different. I thought we said that having sex was just a huge mistake and - and I mean, I mean it was weeks ago now, I thought we'd go back to being just friends, I thought that that would just...
Ryan: Why was it a mistake?
Jennifer: What?
Ryan: You and me. Why was that a mistake? I'm curious.
Jennifer: I thought we talked about it, what - you wanna go over it again?
Ryan: No, you wanna talk - let's talk. Was it a mistake because anything that even comes close to real intimacy freaks you out? Or just that I'm not good enough for you?
Jennifer: Ryan, you - you kissed me and - and I responded. But I wouldn't of done it if I thought it was gonna end our friendship.
Ryan: And neither would I.
Jennifer: Ryan, if I could take it all back, I would.
Ryan: Take it. It's yours. Put it on the shelf with all your other one-night stands.
Jennifer: Why are you doing this?
Ryan: Look, that night was as much a surprise to me as it was to you. But being with you was like going to a place that I had never been before. And after you fell asleep I just laid there, staring up at those cheap fluorescent stars you have stuck on your ceiling, and - after awhile they just started forming a pattern, this weird glow-in-the-dark pattern that linked together our entire relationship. And for the first time everything seemed clear to me - like one logical progression. It felt like you and I were the greatest plan ever made and I had nothing to do with it. Being with you made me feel that maybe I didn't have to keep planning anymore because it felt like I was actually living. And that for once in my life I wouldn't have to work so hard at being happy. That it just could happen. Nothing will ever hurt me as much as your reaction to that same experience.
Jennifer: Ryan...
Ryan: What, what - you wanna go hang out at the library and pretend like nothing happened? I can't do that.
Jennifer: I'm sorry. I'm sorry - I don't know what to say.
Ryan: Look, you don't have to say anything, I have to go. Have fun in Italy.

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