Bonnie & Clyde
written by Robert Benton, David Newman, and Robert Towne

Clyde: And now you wake up every mornin' and you hate it. You just hate it. You get on down there and you put on your white uniform...
Bonnie: Pink, it's pink.
Clyde: And them truckdrivers come in there to eat your greasy burgers and they kid ya, and you kid 'em back. But they're stupid and dumb boys with the big ol' tattooes on 'em, and you don't like it. And they ask ya on dates, and sometimes you go but you mostly don't because all they're ever tryin' to do is get in your pants whether you want 'em to or not. So you go on home and you sit in your room and you think, 'Now when and how am I ever gonna get away from this?' And now you know.

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