A Love Song for Bobby Long
written by Shainee Gabel, from the novel by Ronald Everett Capps

Lawson: When I met Bobby, he seemed absolutely larger than life. Did whatever the hell he wanted, but still he had the beautiful wife and kids. Students loved him. Faculty hated him. Women wanted him. Christ, he had me so convinced of my own grand destiny I may have fallen a little in love myself. We hung out all the time. There was a woman who I wanted to marry. Her friend fell for Bobby pretty hard. He started spending more time with us then he was at home. One night, their youngest had a Little League game. It was a double-header. So I convinced him to have drinks with the girls first. Said Id go to the game with him later, He kept saying he had to leave. Somehow one drink became two, and then three. And then this idiot, the dean's nephew, came in and announced that he was sleeping with my girlfriend and everyone knew but me. I went after him. He took a swing. Bobby stepped in and he cracked Bobby's face wide open. Bobby went crazy. He beat up that kid pretty bad. It had just gotten so late. I knew Ben would be waiting. But when we got there, he was gone. Everyone was. He should never have been by himself. He was just a little boy, and it was so dark. There's too many people in such a damn hurry down that road. There's no way a driver could've seen him. I mean he was so little. And, God, he worshipped his dad. Juliette told Bobby to leave and never come back. She said she needed a better man. That's how she put it.
Pursy (Scarlett Johansson): So you came here?
Lawson: Seemed like a good place to write. It was far away. Good universities. Bobby could start over. I thought I should be here with him. I mean if it wasn't for me that night things might have...I don't know what happened really. We read too many damn books. There's something about this city. That's all.

Kudos and much thanks go to Lori for this monologue, it is very much appreciated.

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