Boardwalk Empire
from the TV series created by Terrence Winter

(from the episode "Anastasia", written by Lawrence Konner & Margaret Nagle)
Chalky White (Michael K. Williams): I was born in Elgin, Texas. My daddy taught himself the carpenter trade doing for the black folk there. I tell you, anything that man put his hand to - table, chair, wedding chest - he’d make that wood sing. Now one day, a man, Mr. T.O. Purcell, come around. He a white man. Own his own store. Stable. Hotel. He say to my daddy, “I hears you the finest carpenter in Elgin.” My daddy tell him, “Well, I can’t say one way or the other, but uh, I knows a bit about somethin.” So Mr. T.O. Purcell take my daddy to this house he was building. Biggest house in town. They walk in there, say “This here goin be the libary. Whatchu think bout that?” My daddy say, “Well, I thinks you need some bookcases.” “Well then that’s what I want you to make me.” Ten month my daddy worked there, and when he finish, he bring me round. “Uh, Mr. Purcell, this here my boy. I’d like to show him what I done.” “Well come on in! Through the front door.” Just like that. And we did. And when I seen them bookcases, all carved with scroll and flowers, baskets of fruit. Little angels floating in the corner. That was the most beautiful thing I ever seen. 'Bout a month later, 'nother man come round. “I seen what you did for T.O. Can’t let that old dog top me. You come round my house, I show you what I need.” My daddy go with him to the edge of town. Wasn’t nothing there but six white men, twelve foot ‘a rope, and the pepper tree they hung him from. (unfolds a cloth parcel) These here my daddy’s tools.
Klansman: (Jimmie James): What are you going to do with ‘em?
Chalky White: (raising the pliers)Well, I ain’t building no bookcase.

(from the episode "What Does the Bee Do?", written by Steve Kornacki)
(Political boss Commodore Louis Kaestner (Dabney Coleman) has recently suffered a severe stroke. Gillian Darmody (Gretchen Mol), the mother of his illegimate son, is feeding the paralyzed man soup and he's being difficult. She stops frustrated, before drinking a long swallow of whiskey from a glass. It has been previously established in the series that when Gillian was extremely young, she was "delivered" to the Commodore by then-Sheriff Nucky Thompson and then raped.)

Gillian: Do you remember when we met? I'll never forget your smile. Jimmy, sometimes, he has it. I look at him and I see you. (she takes another drink) That first night, how you plied me with wine... Well, I'd never felt such a sensation. You were downstairs and I'd fallen asleep on the divan. You carried me to the bedroom. You went to say goodnight to your guests. And I laid there in bed, dreaming of the waves. I'd been on the beach that day. Suddenly I felt a ... crushing feeling. I couldn't breathe. I opened my eyes to find you ... atop me .. your breath smelling like whiskey and tobacco. One hand covering my mouth and the other groping at me. Do you remember that? (he attempts to speak, making unintelligible sounds) Still, sometimes, when I sleep, it wakes me with a start. Do you remember that night? (again, he makes unintelligible sounds, and she slaps him hard across the face.) I asked you a question.
(She slaps him again and again and again and again, as he cries helplessly.)

Credit and many thanks to Zack for the first monologue, it is very much appreciated.

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