In Cold Blood
written by Richard Brooks, from the book by Truman Capote

During this monologue, Perry stands at a window, where it is raining outside. The light reflections from the window look like tears running down his face: a beautiful and stark image. The Reverend in his cell with him has just asked if Perry would like him to send anything home.

Perry: Send him my treasure maps. Maybe now he'll get lucky. The lone wolf. Y'know there was a time once when he almost had it made. Just the two of us. He was in a fever about some new project up in Alaska! A hunting lodge for tourists. It was going to make us a fortune, better than a gold mine. But most of all, it as going to be something we never had before: a real home. We got it built too. Just him and me; side by side. The day the roof was finished, he danced all over it. I never was so happy in all my life. It was a beautiful home.....but no tourists ever came. Nobody. We just lived there, all alone in that big empty failure.
Til he couldn't stand the sight of me. I think it happened. I was eating a biscuit, he started yelling what a greedy, selfish bastard I was. Yelling and yelling til I couldn't stand it no more and I grabbed his throat, I couldn't stop myself. He tore loose, got a gun. He said, "Look at me, boy, take a good look, 'cause I'm the last living thing you're ever going to see.!" And he pulled the trigger. But the gun wasn't loaded. He began to cry. Bawled like a kid. I went for a long walk. When I got back the place was dark, door was locked. All my stuff was piled outside in the snow, where he threw it. I walked away and never looked back. I guess the only thing I'm going to miss in the that poor old man. And his hopeless dreams.
Reverend: [visibly moved] I'm glad you don't hate your father anymore.
Perry: But I do. I hate him. And I love him.

[Eds Note: I think I can say truthfully that this is one of my favorite monologues on my website. I highly reccomend this movie and the book by Truman Capote, and I could write volumes about the moments and images in this very powerful creation. Please, by all means, write me if you would like to discuss or voice your thoughts about this film.]

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