The Authors Voice
from the play written by Richard Greenberg

Gene: Why did you let her go tonight?
Todd: I wasn't interested.
Gene: How can you not be interested?
Todd: These things repeat themselves.
Gene: They--!
Todd: --get dull--
Gene: I--
Todd: My libido wavers.
Gene: Use mine!
Todd: I'm going to bed.
Gene: You never bring anyone home! Some nights you don't come home yourself! I wait. I sit. I don't move. It hurts to move anyway. My body is sore. My muscles ache from disuse and misshapenness. I sit in that patch of darkness, that cupboard that has been allotted me, and stare out at an airshaft and wait for some noise from the hallway, some stirring, for you... and you don't come. Why don't you bring one home? I'd be still as a churchmouse. I'd hold my breath. i want to hear it, to peek through the keyhole and see it. Live. Unrehearsed. The whole event. I would be so grateful.

Kudos and much thanks go to JenDee for this monologue , it is very much appreciated.

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