As Good As It Gets
written by James L. Brooks

Carol: You know, it's really something that you're looking after Simon. And what I said on the street (pause) it was a bad thing to say. It made me sick to my stomach--it was a...bad thing to say. And Iíd be lying if I didnít say...that I enjoy your company. But the truth is that you do bother me enormously, and I know that it-- think that it-- I think that itís better that I donít have contact with you because youíre not ready! And youíre a pretty old guy not to be ready and Iím too old to ignore that. But there were extraordinary kindnesses that did take place. (laughs) So anyways thanks for the trip. Goodnight! Goodnight...

Kudos and much thanks go to April, for this monologue , it is very much appreciated.

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