Army of Darkness
written by Sam Raimi & Ivan Raimi

Ash: Why would you say that I am insane? I wouldn't say that I've lose my mind simply because I've heard the voices and seen the godless things moving in the woods. If anything, I think more clearly now than ever before. I know now that there is such a thing as a living Evil. A dark and shapeless thing that lives not in the spaces we know, but between them. In the Dark. In the night. And it wants the exact same thing as you and I: a chance at warm life on this Earth. It doesn't care that it's already had that chance...once. Now listen closely because there isn't much time. Listen and believe, because it's all true...

Kudos and much thanks go to Jonathan for this monologue, it is very much appreciated. This piece, as you might have known already, was cut from the final product of the movie. But as my page was lacking any Ash/Sam Raimi at the moment, I just HAD to put it in.

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