The Anniversary Party
written by Jennifer Jason Leigh & Alan Cumming

Joe: Life gets messy. Ugly messy. But I don't understand you. And I don't think I ever understood Lucy. I don't understand throwing it away. How do you throw all that away? Any of it. I want it all. You guys want guarantees? I want the possibilities. And all kinds of crap comes with that. A lot of bad shit. And I think that's okay with me because, because of the rest of the stuff. All the good shit. All the surprises. It's a fucking miracle when you come down to it. (a moment) We'd have had amazing children, you and me. We'd have had a ride. You'd have surprised yourself. (regards her) I'll never love anybody else, you know.
Sally: (a little choked laugh) Me too.
Joe: That's under lock and key.
Sally: Me too.

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