Lioness In Hippie Land & other Original Monologues
written by Amy Gillespie

Nala: I'm Nala. Great name. Sounds like some lioness out in hippie land! Oh well, I was born to real hippies in San Francisco. The real Flower in their hair people. I live with my mom now. She's still stuck in the 60s I swear! I never met my father. He supposedly died in the Viet "I love to eat shit" War! But, knowing how completely out in space he was through out the entire decade I firmly doubt it. He was more likely the only guy that died at Woodstock. That is a crazy and evil thing to say about your father but I don't know the man! Everyone says you gotta love your parents more than everyone but God. God said it, didn't he? Well, if you don't know someone and they make up your body and who you are. Something is screwed in that whole mix! You don't know God either but he made up everyone! I just don't understand the whole lot of it! Oh, I love to sing, I play Rugby, and I'm 15.

Britney: See... during worship tonight... well, it was really touching and I was really moved by it's message. You know- God's your one true friend and He's the only one who will be there for you from beginning to end. Then I thought about your parentsbeing there with you for that amount of time. The I realized I had never met my parents. Well, I didn't realize it then- I just thought about it for the rest of the service. And then- you know- I started crying. I'm surprised I'm not now. That's good. And I was sitting next to Preston and he doesn't do anything to like help me! He doesn't put his arm around me or anything! He's had he's hands on my butt this week and he didn't even comfort me when I needed it! I just need to face the facts. He doesn't love me! He loves my butt! Today in track this little girl named Princess was saved! It was so spiritually awakening for me! I thought it was amazing because someone her age was being saved! Now I want it to happen to me! I learned about stigmata when I was like 9! I want that too now. But I've heard it hurts after a while. But I think it would just help me with my faith! I've never been so religious in my entire life! I am so happy I came! It's so amazing and now I'm thinking about my parents again and I'm getting madder and madder at Preston! Now I'm crying! This is real cool!

Britney: The week- when I put it all together- all the experiences- all the rest of the shit I normally think about when I'm summing something up- it was great. That's the only word I can think of without sounding totally ridiculous and over the top. But the week was over-the-top. And that's a good thing. I never knew so much stuff could change in such a short period of time. Well, I'm wrong about a lot of things... like my track leader, Ben. He turned out to be pretty cool. Yeah- he was boring and pretty cracked. A big nerd. But he was an adorable big nerd! He grew on all of us and we had a really fun time during track! This girl named Jasmine- she was so cute! I want to be with her forever! Wouldn't Pres be mad- but oh well. We had a grand time together- we read in the library- we sang this awesome song- I taught the kids this song! That was so azing to me! I actually changed something in there lives! Or however you'd put it! I became really close to Zoe, Lily, Nala, Lucia, Grace, and Angel- we had never been close- I was always closer to Marti. Howie and I became pretty good friends- but him and Sel have got the best thing going on! And Zack was really sweet to me... but the Shelly and him are together! But what am I complaining about- Preston is perfect for me! He He He! Staying with this group of people was awesome- especially the chicas in the dorm! We had so much fun, eating A LOT, singing in the halls- he he he "Ain't nobody....", the signs on our doors were awesome!, comunity showers- he he he, Many-a midnight party, eating at good restraunt- Music City is the best!, and of course seeing where Coal Miner's Daughter was filmed- or at least some of it. Riaght, Paige?? He he he! That Vienna sausage, Shelly! You fit right in! Then there were the fellowships where we all had a ball, and the worship services where we all cried- even Nate and Alvin! Isn't that just presious! Then devotions where we all cried some more! But track had to be the best- except for those nasty veggie sandwiches- I can handle Peanut Butter and Jelly, you know! Then leaving Jasmine! That was so heartbreaking! But I gave Ben my beads to give to her! Aren't I the sweet and generous one, and I wrote her a long letter, with a lot of big words- that I just now realize she won't understand... oops... Well, of course I cried that entire day! But, it was worth it. Nothing that I'd want my medicine to cure me of. Not exactly of happiness but those tears you need to shed in order to feel fulfilled! Then our shopping spree throughout Music City- "Hey Music City, I'm here now and I ain't never leaving!" But that's not me- I have to leave... I'm coming back though! Yay! hehehe! Zack and Nala's church left early on Sunday- I mean at like 5 in the morning- Shelly got up early to say goodbye to them- well, we all did- it was so sad. They really do love each other- they both started crying- then they kissed. Zack hugged us girls and gave us kisses on our cheeks then Shel and him shared the biggest French kiss I've ever seen! Well- tootles, gotta go catch a train outta Nashville... before I fall in love- more than I already have- I think... hehehe- talk lata...

Kudos and much thanks go to Amy for this monologue, it is very much appreciated.

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