American Gangster
written by Steven Zaillian, from the article by Mark Jacobson

Frank Lucas: You wanna know what normal is to me? I havenít seen normal since I was six years old. When I was 6, I saw two cops take a friend of mine outside and tie him to a pole. He was 12 years old and they shoved two shotguns into his mouth and broke his fucking teeth off, and then they popped two shotgun shells into his mouth and blew his fucking head off. Thatís what normal is to me, Richie. I donít give a fuck... (knocks coffee cup off table) I didnít give a fuck about no police, then! I donít give a fuck about no police now! You ainít no different to me, Richie. So it donít mean nothing to me for you to show up tomorrow with your head blown off. You understand what Iím saying?

Credit and many thanks to Joseph for this monologue, it is very much appreciated.

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