The American President
written by Aaron Sorkin

Sydney: Have you seen a grey cable-knit sweater?
President Shepherd: A grey sweater? No. I called you at the office today.
Sydney: Its Beth's, I wore it one time and I didn't want to leave it.
President Shepherd: Where are you going?
Sydney: I'm going home and then I'm going to Hartford.
President Shepherd: Connecticut?
Sydney: Yes. Do you know if it was sent with your dry-cleaning?
President Shepherd: What's in Connecticut?
Sydney: Uh, Richard Reynolds' campaign. He may be able to get me a job.
President Shepherd: When did you decide to get a new job?
Sydney: Not long after Leo Solomon fired me from my old one. (opens drawer) Beth's gonna to kill me.
President Shepherd: Why did he fire you?
Sydney: Uh, "Total failure to achieve any of the objectives for which I was hired." I told him he was being unreasonable. After all, I did get to dance with the president and ride in Air Force One a couple of times. But, you know those prickly environmentalists. It's always gotta be something with them. If it's not clean air, then its clean water. Like it's not good enough that I'm on the cover of People Magazine.
President Shepherd: I'll call him.
Sydney: You'll call him? You mean you'll call him yourself, personally? It'll come from the President? That's a great idea. I think you should call Leo and make a deal. He hires me back for, say, 72 days. I go around scaring the hell out of Congress making them think the President is about to drive through a very damaging and costly bill. They'll believe me right? Cause I'm the President's Friday night girl. Now, I don't know if we can dip into that well twice, especially since I've lost all crediblity in politics, but you never know. I might just pull it off again. I might be able to give you just the leverage you need to pass some piece of ground-breaking crime legislation, like a mandatory three-day waiting period before a five-year old can buy an Uzi. (slams drawer shut) Oh, fuck the sweater! She'll have to learn to live with disapointment.

Kudos and much thanks go to Seth for this monologue, it is very much appreciated.

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