American Beauty
written by Alan Ball

Jane: Tell me about being in the hospital.
Ricky: (smiles) When I was 15, my dad caught me smoking dope. He totally freaked and decided to send me to military school. I told you his whole thing about structure and discipline, right? (laughs) Well, of course, I got kicked out. Dad and I had this huge fight and he hit me...and then the next day at school, some kid made a crack about my haircut and...I just snapped. I wanted to kill him. And I would have. Killed him. If they hadn't pulled me off.
(then) That's when my dad put me in the hospital. Then they drugged me up and left me in there for two years.
Jane (Thora Birch): Wow. You must really hate him.
Ricky: He's not a bad man.

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